Careful not to wash these foods

Sometimes, when we wash some foods we could worsen their conditions and spread bacteria that would not have spread if we did not proceed with the washing!

Today we will invite you to distinguish between foods that you need to wash before you can consume and foods that instead it is better not to wash.

Some Food Goes Washed, Others Absolutely No! Here are the useful distinctions

Never rinse mushrooms


Never rinse mushrooms It is not advisable to keep the mushrooms for a long time under a stream of water because they are able to absorb it very quickly. It would be better, after having rinsed them quickly, dry them with a cloth.


is caused by the bacteria which is often found on eggshells. A special substance is often sprayed on the eggs to prevent bacteria from contaminating the edible inside and other foods. If you proceed with a wash, this coating is removed, so it is better not to wash them.

Never rinse … pasta

If you wash the dough you remove a layer of it that allows you to absorb the sauce more effectively, thus excluding the possibility of creating amazing dishes. You can rinse the pasta only after cooking it, in case you want to use it for example to make a fresh and tasty pasta salad!

Never rinse the chicken & meat

Bacteria that can contaminate fresh chicken are dangerous to our health. When washing the chicken, the water used helps the bacteria to spread both on the hands and in the kitchen sink, so it is absolutely not recommended to wash the chicken.

The same discourse also applies to other types of meat. If you want to eliminate excess liquids, it is better to dab the meat with kitchen paper than to wash it under running water.

Quando si lava il pollo, l’acqua utilizzata aiuta gli eventuali batteri a propagarsi sia sulle mani, sia nel lavandino della cucina, quindi non è assolutamente consigliato lavare il pollo.

Always rinse … canned foods


It is highly recommended to wash canned foods before serving them at the table because bacteria can easily nest in the liquid in which they are stored, do not forget it!

Always rinse … almonds

Even if shelled, it would seem to wash almonds. We can not have enough information about the way they were transported or how they were cleaned before being closed in the supermarket package, so it is better to proceed with a nice wash.


Always rinse … dried fruit


Same thing as almonds, you can not know the path that the dried fruit has followed before finishing inside the inviting sachets, so it is always better to wash, dry with a paper towel and then enjoy!



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