Brilliant Ideas For Parents & Children

Do you have children around the house that are full of creativity and can not wait to show it to you? Then you can tap into our gallery today to get some ideas on how

A canvas that changes very easily!

To avoid slipping running all over the house, have cold glue under the slippers

A cradle turned into a useful “workbench”

Here is a practical way to remember it must take medicine every day

A homemade hammock.

Just an old wheel, a wooden beam and some paint to create this spectacular garden carousel.

And if a locker can not be opened, then it’s better to close it with a powerful, child-proof band.

Difficulty in convincing your daughter to take a bath? With colored sticks that can be positioned in the tank there will not be any more problems.

With a few rolls of toilet paper a nice multi-storey garage comes out.

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